About the Writers

Janet and Paul Newsham have been holidaying in B&Bs for over twenty years, their mutual love for weekends away is what bonded them and they’re lucky to have taken many trips together over the years, both abroad and within the UK.

Given the opportunity to retire at the spry ages of 58 and 65 (respectively), they decided to take their passion and grow it into a full time hobby, hence the creation of this website!

The Victoria House is a hospitality and B&B guide written by two people who love travelling. Whilst Janet and Paul both have a certain set of standards in mind when visiting a new B&B, they take each visit on a case-by-case basis and don’t believe that ‘luxury’ or ‘extravagance’ is necessary, especially when they’re greeted with a warm welcome and a nice cup of tea.

Keep up to date with this blog to see where Janet and Paul have been on their latest travels, you may even find inspiration for your next B&B holiday!