Exploring Historic Caernarfon: Black Boy Inn

North Wales will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

It was within the rugged hills of Snowdonia that Paul and I met, a lot longer ago than either of us care to admit!

There was a time when a caravan holiday was considered the peak of luxury travelling, thankfully those days are over now but if it wasn’t for my Father having sold his static caravan in Lytham St. Annes in the summer of ’67 I would never have met Paul. My Dad had got bored of visiting the same place every year and yearned for something decidedly more exotic. That’s how we found ourselves headed towards another static caravan site in North Wales.

Back in those days, taking a hike the mountains was less commonplace, so when we happened to cross paths whilst hiking through the stunning Welsh peaks, we knew that we were kindred spirits. Since that day we’ve made a special effort to return to Wales each year, so that we can breathe in the fresh air and indulge in a Fish’n’Chips.

This year we settled on Caernarfon as a destination. We had 2 and a half days to spend in this peaceful Welsh coast town, and were eager to make the most of our time there so we decided to book a room that was central as possible in the town.

There are plenty of places to stay in North Wales, but only a handful have the kind of history that this inn in Caernarfon can boast of.

The Black Boy Inn has been serving guests and locals to the town for nearly five centuries, and whilst you can bet your bottom dollar that the management has changed a few hands in that time, we found the hospitality at this tidy place to be in keeping with the rich history of the town and the inn. The Black Boy Inn has created quite the monopoly in Caernarfon, owning no fewer than four buildings, so you’ve got plenty of choice if you want to stay with them. We chose to stay in the refurbished Edwardian property, Jac Du – Black Jack’s.

The room was clean, tidy and well presented. An impressive four poster bed made for a very comfortable night’s sleep and made us both feel like royalty during our stay. Included in the room was a handy little mini kitchen complete with electric hobs, sink, fridge and microwave. We were particularly impressed with the complimentary goods on offer which included some of the finest toiletries we’ve seen in a B&B, as well as a varied collection of teas, coffees and hot chocolates.

Paul was particularly hungry on our first morning in Caernarfon, so it’s fortunate that the Residents Breakfast on offer was particularly bounteous. Their ‘Country Table’ made up the cold selection and made for an ideal started to a long, languorous breakfast with both of us picking away at Danish Pastries and a continental selection of Meats & Cheese. Once that was done, we both had a look at the cooked offerings. Paul opted for the Welsh Breakfast (no surprise there!), whilst I ordered the Welsh Rarebit with Bacon (when in Rome!).

Both meals arrived promptly and Paul was immediately impressed by the quality of the ingredients on offer. It appeared that everything on his plate lived up to the ‘Welsh’ name. The sausages were laced with pork, the bacon was of a fine quality (he suspected that it was locally sourced) and his eggs were also luminously yellow, a signifier of freshness that you rarely get from supermarket bought produce.

My Welsh Rarebit instantly took me back to my after school snack as a young girl, which is no easy feat considering how long ago that was! Needless to say, we were set up for the day and very pleased with the value for money that we received at the Black Boy Inn.

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