Highland Heather Lodges: What No Breakfast?!

We’re often asked by friends if we ever get bored with all the cooked breakfasts and cream teas, to which we say: Nope!

We’re well settled into our life of leisure now, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t enjoy ‘roughing it’ on occasions. Of course, when you reach our grand age the notion of camping is strictly out of the window, so instead we opt for ‘self-catered’ options like we did at Highland Heather Lodges.

The benefit of staying at self-catered accommodation over a B&B is the added privacy that you get from staying in your own little house, as well as also being able to decide when and where you eat your breakfast. As slightly older folks we like to rise early and eat our breakfast accordingly, during our fifties we hit a perfect ‘sweet spot’ where we found that most B&Bs would be serving breakfasts exactly when we wanted it, but as the years wore on we soon found that we were waking hours before breakfast was due to be served, leaving us twiddling our thumbs!

Thanks to the internet there are plenty of ways we can keep ourselves entertained during these moments of limbo, such as catching up on television series (I think we watched the entire Game of Thrones series in 2017 whilst waiting for breakfasts) and reading the news; when we’re in self-catered accommodation, though there’s no need to wait! Of course there’s a bit more preparation required in staying at a self-catered lodge, compared to staying at a B&B, but this prep can often be very satisfying.

We made sure to leave for Crieff as early as possible on the Friday, so that we could drop in at a Scottish shop to pick up our supplies before reaching our destination. Assembling his very own Scottish cooked breakfast was certainly a highlight for Paul, he loved talking to the butchers about where the meat came from and particular enjoyed picking out all the Scottish specialities that we don’t get down in England. Tasty treats such as ‘Lorne sausage’, ‘Fruit Pudding’ and ‘Potato scones’ were cheerfully thrown into the basket along with some juicy looking links of sausage and fat slices of bacon.

Upon our arrival at Highland Heather Lodges we were greeted by the owners and shown around our lovely lodge. As far we are aware, there aren’t many Perthshire lodges with hot tubs, but each property at Highland has one, a feature that we were particularly impressed with. Suddenly it seemed we weren’t roughing it any more!

There was something so decadent, in fact, with being able to saunter out into the crisp fresh air in the morning and enjoy a lovely hot bubbly bath whilst Paul cooked our fry up, if only every weekend could be like this…

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